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7 Inspirational Stories
to Empower your Life

About This Book

The SHEro Mindset speaks to the pain and challenges of life, and shows the power and strength of the human spirit. These inspirational stories are examples of the transformational arc of healing. They demonstrate Positive Psychology in action. Through cultivating, choosing, and applying the science of whole being and happiness, the SHEroes have become their best possible selves – despite what life has dealt them. Each story will touch your heart and help you move from fear and isolation into self-compassion and connection with others. May we support and hold each other’s hands and hearts as we heal together.


Dr. Nancy Kirsner, Certified Positive Psychologist


This is a book unlike any book you have ever read. Why?

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“Reading The Shero Mindset, I was elevated and inspired, moved to tears, and moved to action. It is a heartfelt exploration of what it takes to not only flourish in the midst of challenges, but also grow through hardship. Thank you, Lulu, for this precious gift.”

—DR. TAL BEN-SHAHAR, co-founder Happiness Studies Academy, author of Happier, No Matter What: Cultivating Hope, Resilience, and Purpose in Hard Times

“The SHEro Mindset takes a heartful approach to the many layers of experience that shape us. Lulu's powerful and gentle narrative tells the stories of these amazing women and their journeys from pain to resilience to happiness. Love is indeed the key to happiness.”


World Happiness Summit

“What a fabulous book! Lulu inspired me to see my journey by looking through the window of her quest. Her wit, grit, gratitude and love are intense, sincere and magical. She proposes a shift in perspective from What is wrong with us? to There is so much right with us! Lulu’s zestful stories and exploration of the SHEro Mindset are an invitation to self- reflection and game-changing shifts. If you ask yourself, Why should I read this book? Lulu would suggest – and I agree – you should ask instead, Why not?”

ANDREA SOOCH, Psychotherapist, Adjunct Professor, Actor

“In The SHEro Mindset, Lulu invites us to become the SHEro of our own magical journey. She offers incredible stories that are sure to inspire freedom, wisdom, joy, love, courage, creativity and faith, bolstering us when we need it most. Lulu successfully empowers us with tools gained from her many years of studying both Positive Psychology and wholebeing happiness. As someone who is on a journey to bliss, this is definitely a book I am proud to have in my life. Bravo, my SHEro, bravo!”

—MEG NOCERO, Author of the Butterflies & Bliss Trilogy (Butterfly Awakens, The Magical Guide to Bliss, Sparkle & Shine)

Maria Luisa M. Carter " Lulu"


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