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The Sheroe's Journey Global Project

After wrting the book, author Lulu Carter was inspired to continue the interviews, find the Sheroes around the globe and most important connecting them and creating circles of conversations about life challenge topics as rape, divorce, miscarrage, losses, transitions, illness and too can be part fo this journey.


Our mission is to empower circles of women globally , it is to continue the conversation and break the tabus around who we are as women. as sheroes in our global community. It is to create a safe place for women of all ages, race and etenicity to come together and elevate each other. With compassion, kindness, and sisterhood. So we can share, conennect and transcend. So we can build a legacy for other womens to also feel heard, empowered and healed to live a life of happiness.

Three Women


This plataform will take shape organically, it will evolve as needed witht the participation of all. It is  colaborative, engaged and this plataform that will always exists to serve as many Sheroes as needed.

Three Women
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