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By Marjorie Ziff Levine

"Ok, so in one sitting I just blew through the page-turner, “The SHERO Mindset - 7 Inspirational Stories to Empower Your Life”, savoring each and every profound and heartfelt word…

From the very first engaging page to the very last one; each is filled with unyielding triumph and a powerful resilience that is so characteristic of the extraordinary Sheroes many of us have been blessed to have the privilege of being surrounded by during significant points in our lives.

This book is truly a labor of love and a tour de force of inspiration and empowerment for all to behold…

Through these modern day, courageous Sheroes, the boundless energy and life-affirming, indefatigable spirit of the archetypal,  Divine Feminine is alive and well and solemnly speaks to all of us in these times of revelation, reflection, and renewal. 

The tender stories recounted couldn’t be more timely and in their telling, many secrets are revealed of not only surviving, but thriving, during periods where seemingly super human strength is needed to pull us through to the other side of darkness, defeat, or despair. 

May this book be the precious jewel it was intended to be as we peer through the multi-faceted gems of introspection, insight, and inspiration that these 7 Sheroes boldly share with the reader in order to illuminate a pathway forward to light, love, laughter, peace, and joy!

May these pages enlighten, brighten, enrich and empower the lives of all those for whom madame destiny places these profound words in their hands! 🙏🏼

Maria Luisa M. Carter, Bravissimo!" Marjorie

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