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By Marjorie Ziff Levine

"Ok, so in one sitting I just blew through the page-turner, “The SHERO Mindset - 7 Inspirational Stories to Empower Your Life”, savoring each and every profound and heartfelt word…

From the very first engaging page to the very last one; each is filled with unyielding triumph and a powerful resilience that is so characteristic of the extraordinary Sheroes many of us have been blessed to have the privilege of being surrounded by during significant points in our lives.

This book is truly a labor of love and a tour de force of inspiration and empowerment for all to behold…

Through these modern day, courageous Sheroes, the boundless energy and life-affirming, indefatigable spirit of the archetypal,  Divine Feminine is alive and well and solemnly speaks to all of us in these times of revelation, reflection, and renewal. 

The tender stories recounted couldn’t be more timely and in their telling, many secrets are revealed of not only surviving, but thriving, during periods where seemingly super human strength is needed to pull us through to the other side of darkness, defeat, or despair. 

May this book be the precious jewel it was intended to be as we peer through the multi-faceted gems of introspection, insight, and inspiration that these 7 Sheroes boldly share with the reader in order to illuminate a pathway forward to light, love, laughter, peace, and joy!

May these pages enlighten, brighten, enrich and empower the lives of all those for whom madame destiny places these profound words in their hands! 🙏🏼

Maria Luisa M. Carter, Bravissimo!" Marjorie

By Sylvia Mejia-Laembiya 

"This book is alive! It became my new best friend!
It is full of treasures breathing and palpitating in my heart forever. As soon as I finished reading it I started again right away.

Seven new spiritual girlfriends, including Lulu Carter, the author, touched me immensely with their astonishing, awe-inspiring life journey stories, exquisitely written, revealing their universe with deep sincerity and transparency.
Seven authentic sheroe’s courageously transcending extremely strenuous challenges and tragedies with divine love and splendorous proactivity.

True empowerment for us readers, coming from the core of the hearts and souls of extraordinary women, so favorable nowadays, to help us face the unprecedented planetary crisis, affecting everyone.

The SHEROE’S MINDSET is not just a self- help book. Apart from the stories, it is packed with lots of surprises to consult, enjoy and learn anytime. Each chapter offers poetry jewels, powerful colorful Mandalas, invaluable quotes, inspirations, meditations, and very helpful tips.

Freedom, Wisdom, Joy, Love, Courage, Creativity and Faith are incarnated in these women, as divine and angelic tools to transform adversity into joyful bliss.
The SHEROE’S MINDSET is truly a transcendental piece of collective spiritual art, that came to my life when I most needed it. Words are not enough to express its value.Eternally grateful."

By Carlene Tissen

"I love this book and the stories of the 7 amazing women who lived through and survived many emotional and physical challenges to which the author assigned 7 different virtues: Freedom, Wisdom, Joy, Love, Courage, Creativity, and Faith. At the end of each chapter/virtue, the book lists inspirations for people to cultivate those virtues and a beautiful meditation that I read every day. Thank you, Maria Luisa, for this wonderful contribution to the universe. I love you." 

By Parul Sinha

"While the world celebrates people in power, it actually misses out on the people behind them who helped them achieve it. Through this book, with individual stories about women who overcome challenges to become Sheros, Luisa wants us to acknowledge these hidden people and also find those in our lives.

Luisa tells her own story and those of others in a manner that you get to see their struggle, and also their victory. These women, share their personal journeys of triumph over adversity, illustrating the principles of the Shero Mindset in action. What it personally gave me is a chance to look at things differently. Using Positive Psychology, Luisa illustrates beautifully the mindset change that is required to overcome life's challenges.

This book helped me through personal challenges. Reading the stories of these women gave me resilience and the mental change to look at things in a more positive manner. It helped ease the anger in me and bring in gratitude and hope. I hope it does the same for you.

You do not have to face challenges to read this book and learn about and from these amazing women. You should read this book to find the Sheros of your life and in you. These are loving people who are there for you and they are not limited by number or time. If you are looking for an impactful read - this is it. I guarantee you that this book will get you to look at the people in your life and you completely differently."

By Piret Betten

"This book is very inspirational. It has stories of woman who have overcome the hardships in their life. It will help you to look at your life from a different point of view- How to overcome hard time now and keep on going to accomplish the goals you have.
It is also a good read as to discovering stories of strong women.
If you thinking about buying this book, you should, if you like reading encouraging stories or need encouragement to keep on going on your journey."

By Ann Smith

"Ordinary women overcoming very difficult life-threatening situations going from victim to victor, from ordinary to extraordinary Sheroes. Their stories woven together by author Maria Luisa Carter inspire us to face challenges as Sheroes knowing that together we are powerful, resilient and courageous."

By Anna B.

"Excellent book for women, it creates a special connection with women and a sense of belonging to the sisterhood. The stories are real so every woman in the world can relate.
If you are in a dark place in your life and looking for a magic kick out of it, this book is for you, it empowers. If you're lost and need to feel connected to the strong women's energy you have it in this book.
It is easy to read dynamic flow and excellent book design: mandalas, and book cover - very satisfying for the eye and touch. Author, please write more! Your personal story raised some questions in my mind that was not answered."

By Suzi's friend

"Suzi, I finished the Shero Mindset in 1 day, I couldn't put it down. I've told several friends & purchased a hard book copy for my daughter. This book spoke to me on so many levels! And I think it can help so many. It was so empowering and gave me hope! Your courage is beyond my comprehension, I commend your strength to share your story and no doubt will help so many. Sending great big hugs to you my friend and so hopeful to get to meet up someday! I would love to meet LuLu and check out the house of Gaia, what an awesome place! Love u sister xoxo"

By Luciana D' Andrea

A precious reading experience to learn about the power, courage, and faith of these women through their journeys. Congratulations to Luisa Carter for the gift of discovering powerful women like her to inspire and illuminate others. My life certainly gains more meaning knowing and cheering for these true heroines.

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