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The Shero Mindset 

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When my very dear friend Lulu called me and said "honey I am writing a book and want you to be part of my book. "One of my chapters is going to be about you. It is about women who have inspired me in different ways and I am hoping we will inspire others with our stories and mindset."

 A call like this is not something I took lightly, but of course, I did not hesitate to say yes. It did take me a minute to process what she said because anyone who knows Lulu well knows she is the Queen of Inspiration.

My first thought was how could little old me inspire her. At that time, I did not know how my story had touched others. She explained her thoughts to me more and I wanted to help. I trust her so I began to open up more and more to share in hopes of inspiring more people that are going thru challenges.

Lulu hit the ground running to accomplish this book. The process was intense with a lot of one on one work and then she brought all of us SHEros together to meet face to face for the first time. To say this was a magical experience is an understatement.


This meeting happened not long after the covid pandemic restrictions were lifted. The world had just been thru trama.

The whole process of working on this and getting to know the other SHEros has been life changing for me. We laughed, cried, grew and shared together very personal stories in order to help others overcome life’s challenges. We all have challenges that will come and we all have a story. It is all how you choose to look at the challenges and what mindset you choose to move through them. I am beyond honored to be part of this project and am super grateful. ❤️ LOVE Holly

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About the Holly - Shero of Love


Holly A. Shapiro was born and raised in Northern Minnesota and moved to SW Florida in the 90s.  She graduated Suma Cum Laude from International College in 2001 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Legal Studies. She is married to, attorney Marc L. Shapiro and together they have two incredible children, Nathan & Ariana.

She has worked as an office administrator and paralegal for various law firms located in the Southwest Florida area for approximately 25 years. Currently, She is the Chief Operations Manager of Aries Title, Inc a company that she owns with her husband, Marc in Naples, Florida.  She LOVES her family and friends fiercely and puts her whole heart into everything that she does. 

She is a Member of the Association of Legal Administrators, former Paralegal Member of the Florida Trial Lawyers Association, Former board member of the Lee County Alliance of Legal Professionals, and former member of the National Association of Legal Assistants.

Currently she sits on the Advisory board for House of Gaia, a non-profit in Naples, Florida. She is a former member of the C’MON guild, she is a PEER parent for families receiving a new diagnosis of Autism and she sits on the Board of Directors and multiple committees for STARability Foundation another non-profit in Naples, Florida.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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